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Entry #2

Kind of Happy

2012-08-16 04:57:52 by ironblood66614

Well a while back my computer took a header or so I though. Essentially a long time back ... not quite sure when but its not important really.. so long time ago i shut my computer down before bed and when i wake up the next morning the damn thing would not boot.

It would load to just past the BIOS and get trapped in between the BIOS splash and the OS splash sitting on a black screen with a cursor. The cursor didn't do anything except for blink, blink and taunt me.

Racked my head on this for a while and figured the HD had a Corruption or bad Secktor (I know theres not a "K" but it looks better) So i felt fucked because i needed a new hardrive and on top of a new hard drive i would need to buy a new OS.

Well after letting it sit there forever and a few days I put Puppy Linux on a flash drive and booted up through the computer, since that was all it was good for, a middle man. I noticed that it read my HD and I was excited to see that the HD wasn't corrupt completly. Mainly theres something thats wrong in the boot section of the HD.

Will be uploading some old recovered audio tracks i did as soon as i get a chance.


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